Novaco Anger Scale

You unpack an appliance you have just bought, plug it in, and discover that it doesn’t work. You would feel

very little or no annoyance

a little irritated

moderately upset

quite angry

very angry

1 / 25

0 – 45 The amount of anger and annoyance you generally experience is remarkably low. Only a few percent of the population score this low on the test. You are one of the select few!
46 – 55 You are substantially more peaceful than the average person.
56 – 75 You respond to life’s annoyance with an average amount of anger.
76 – 85 You frequently react in an angry way to life’s many annoyances. You are substantially more irritable than the average person.
86 – 100 You are a true anger champion, and you are plagued by frequent intense furious reactions that do not quickly disappear. You probably harbor negative feelings long after the initial insult has passed. You may have the reputation of a firecracker or a hothead among people you know. You may experience frequent tension headaches and elevated blood pressure. Your anger may often get out of control and lead to impulsive hostile outbursts which at times get you into trouble. Only a few percent of the adult population react as intensely as you do.